Prayer Requests

Please submit a prayer request using our online request form below or by calling the church office at 973-347-0247. Our care team receives your information and prays for each request for at least one week. If you are hospitalized or planning surgery, please call the church office to confirm details and arrange a visit.


We believe in the baptism of infants, children and adults. All baptisms are scheduled with our Pastor.


We are pleased that we may be in ministry with you for this very special time in your life. A wedding ceremony is a service of Christian worship and a covenant you enter into with God and one another. We welcome member & non-member weddings.


The death of a loved one, regardless of the circumstances, is a time of significant loss and grief. Because this is such a difficult time for the family who has suffered the loss, we offer a ministry of love, hope, concern, and compassion to all who grieve.  Death brings separation and decisions that are very painful, but our Christian beliefs enables us to witness to our faith as we make final arrangements for our loved ones. 

Meeting Space

We offer large and small meeting spaces, from classrooms to our lower level Fellowship Hall with a stage and adjacent kitchen area. During COVID-19, indoor meeting space is not available. 

Please use the contact form below to reach us for prayers or other church and pastor services or call the church office at 973-347-0247. 

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